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Mythic Championship Qualifiers

Live the dream and qualify for the Mythic Championship in 1 Day.
Modern is the format at the DCU Center August 10th!

This event has a maximum player capacity of 226 players
as set by Wizards

EVERY PARTICIPANT will receive the exclusive Arcbound Ravager Promo!

Pre Registration is strongly encouraged

Registration now live! Pre-Register now >

On site Registration Opens 9:00 A.M.

Please have your deck list ready for the 10:00 A.M. player meeting.
Players who pre register online need to come to the player meeting. A list of pre registered players will be posted, No need to check in.

For more information please visit, email us at ( or call Tom Shea at (508)404-8245.

Finish: Prize:

1st: Invite to Mythic Championship VI (Richmond, VA) Invite, & $1000.00

2nd: $500.00

3rd/4th: $250.00

5th-8th: Box of Modern Horizons

9th-16th: Box M20

17th-32nd: 1/2 box M20

Dungeons & Dragons @ TJ Collectibles

Interested in a new campaign? Never played before but want to try?

You could be a part of a new adventuring party being put together for a bi-weekly game starting in late May/early June on Friday nights from 7-11.

Please leave your name and email contact information at the front desk to participate.

Maximum 6 players.

*This is not an Adventure League game. This is a non-evil, heroic game utilizing WotC printed rules only. 
Participants are expected to play as a team, in a mature fashion. All players welcome!

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Saturday Team Sealed 5/11 – cancelled

Sad to have to write this post. Our restock order was significantly reduced so that we will NOT be able to run this Saturday’s Team Sealed event. We will be announcing the full line up of Titanium Challenges for the next 6 months by Friday. Plans are to run a few standard events as well.


Tom Shea

SCG Regionals! This weekend 11/10!!!

Season Two of the Regionals happens on November 10, 2018!

Star City Games Regionals: New England. Modern Format, $5000.00 in Prize money. Max Seating capacity is 310 players. Entry fee is $40.00. On site registration opens at 9:00, with the player meeting starting at 10:00, Please have your modern deck list ready for the Player Meeting. Here is a link to our online registration:
Time: 9:45am
Format: Modern
Event Fee: $404X Planeswalker Point Multiplier

1st Place: $1,200, 20 SCG Points, Qualification to the Season Two Invitational
2nd Place: $600, 15 SCG Points, Qualification to the Season Two Invitational
3rd-4th: $400, 10 SCG, Qualification to the Season Two StarcityGames.comInvitational
5th-8th: $200, 8 SCG Points, Qualification to the Season Two Invitational
9th-16th: $100, 6 SCG Points
17th-32nd: $50, 4 SCG Points
33rd-64th: 3 SCG Points
65th+: 1 SCG Point

Register Today!

Friday Night Magic Format Changes!

One thing that can be said for the seasons is that they change. As we close in on the Holiday season, we at TJ’s have a few changes that we wanted to share with all of you!

Here are the highlights. Modern FNM gets a guaranteed payout, Standard makes a return, and updates inbound for Commander!

Modern Changes

Start time: 7:00 pm
Entry: $10
4-0: 180 prize tix(half a box)
3-0-1: 120 prize tix(12 standard boosters)
3-1: 60 prize tix (6 standard boosters)
Our prize wall features booster packs, commander decks, sleeves, deck boxes and more.

Standard Returns!

Start Time: 7:30 PM
Entry: $5
4-0: 9 Booster packs
3-0-1: 6 Booster packs
3-1: 2 Booster packs

Stay tuned! More changes coming. All for the better!!

Star Wars X-Wing

We have a full line of Star Wars X-Wing all at 20% off every day! Great game play with cool looking collectible models. We have open gaming Wednesdays starting from 6-9 and Saturdays from 11-8.




Board Games

Our HUGE selection of board games are 10% off every day! We have a nice selection of games for all ages and we are constantly getting new releases in.
Join our Facebook group for announcements of new board game/D&D arrivals and sales at TJ’s. Plan a D&D meet up, board game demo or event. Discuss games, post reviews and meet people with similar interests!