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Grand Prix Providence: Come join our 3 day Magic Party!

Hello Everyone!!

We are so looking forward to Grand Prix Providence! In order to ensure that everyone gets to play lots of Magic the Gathering over the weekend. We would like to announce that we have adjusted the maximum seating for the Grand Prix main event to 1950 players. This will leave us over 500 seats dedicated to side events for all three days.

The Prize Wall is my favorite development in Grand Prixs to date. Our Prize Wall for Grand Prix Providence is going to be 20 feet long! We are adding a 48-inch TV to stream updated prize wall prices on. This will allow us to add and subtract items from the prize wall during the Grand Prix.

In addition I am happy to announce that we have just come to an agreement on a major Magic Collection of sealed product for the Prize Wall. Our Prize Wall for Grand Prix Providence is going to include booster packs back as far as 4th edition. There will be at least 48 different booster packs on the prize wall when we open the weekend. Booster packs will include both Modern Master sets.

There will be tons of playmats, lithographs, a few oversized cards, t-shirts, Pop figures, deck boxes, sleeves, dice, sets of cards, intro decks, Duel Decks, uncut sheets and single cards. Yes, we have a large variety of items for you to play for! Our side events are all going to be prizing in tix so you can choose what you are playing for.

We have added more Modern events to the event schedule, as that is what you have been telling us you want.

In addition we have the show mat, which is the WaterFire Dragon that was drawn by Christopher Rush. This playmat will be given for participation in selected side events.

We look forward to seeing you at the Rhode Island Convention Center. We are in event halls A,B, and C.

See you there!

Tom Shea

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