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Grand Prix Boston Worcester Pre Registration far from the cap

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Magic 2015 Core Set Prereleases at TJ Collectibles

TJ's is hosting 6 prerelease events for M15! 12July2014 times are 12am, 10am, 3pm, & 8pm. 13July2014 times are 11am & 4pm! Entry fee is $25.00 and prizes are based on record. We hope to see you here!
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MTG Booster Draft

Come draft the most recent Magic the Gathering format with TJ Collectibles every Wednesday night! The draft starts at 7pm and each pod is prized out 5/3/2/2!more...


Grand Prix Boston-Worcester [MTG] **

Hello Everyone! Grand Prix Boston-Worcester is an event not to be missed  The format is MODERN.   NOTE THERE IS NO SATURDAY REGISTRATION FOR THE GRAND PRIX, You must register on Friday 2:00pm - 9:00pm or Pre Register ONLINE by Thursday ...more...


GPBos-Worc Cobra Commander Fri 700 pm

Cobra Commander   Entry fee: $10.00                                                        ...more...


GPBos-Worc Standard Showcase Fri 100 pm

Standard Showcase: Format: Standard Entry Fee: $20                                Start ...more...

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