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Comic Subscriptions: TJ Collectibles offers an excellent subscription program. We bag and board your subscriptions for free each week and hold them for you up to a month. Subscribers also enjoy a wide range of benefits: all back issues are 50% off. Graphic novels and manga are 10% off. All new books bought off the rack are also 10% off. Subscribers get the first pick of all the new books, whatever is left goes on the shelves. Special sales and a whole lot more. You deserve to treat yourself to a TJ Comic subscription!

Weekly in store tournaments: TJ Collectibles runs weekly tournaments for Magic the Gathering.

Gaming Space is available to TJ Collectible customers.

Pokemon League is offered each Saturday from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Appraisals are also available for your collectibles. An appointment is necessary, an hourly fee is charged.

Our gaming area is complete with vending machines, as well as an in store arcade. We also have an X-Box 360 with a 42 inch plasma screen tv available per 30 minute rentals. You can choose from our library or bring in your games to play on our system.

We also run in store demos on board games, collectible card games, and role playing games.

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