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First hints at the new Marvel Universe revealed


At the Special Edition: NYC comic convention, Marvel announced the new creative team for Invincible Iron Man, as well as announcing the next slate of True Believers $1 comics and debuting two of the August manga variant covers, according to IGN.

Civil War 3 via IGN

Writer Brian Michael Bendis will team with artist David Marquez on the Invincible Iron Man ongoing series launching after Secret Wars.  The pair has previously teamed for All-New X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man.  Iron Man is the central character of both of last week’s post-Secret Wars teasers.  The new MU incarnation of Iron Man  has been confirmed to be Tony Stark. Bendis also said he “isn’t as cash rich as he always is. He’s not able to fund the Avengers right now.” There will be a new love interest, new armor, and Tony’s biological parents will be revealed.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows 4 via IGN

Marvel debuted the August manga variant covers for Civil War #3 by Katsuya Terada (The Monkey King Vol. 1, concept artist on Cutie Honey and Blood: The Last Vampire) and Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #4 by Yusuke Murata (Eyeshield 21, One-Punch Man. Marvel will produces manga variant covers for 20 titles including Ant-Man: Last Days #1 and House of M #1, each drawn by a popular manga artist.

Ms. Marvel 1 via IGN

Capitalizing on the success of April’s True Believers program,  Marvel will release a second wave of True Believers issues in September: 10 comics featuring Women of Marvel.  The $1 introductory #1 issues will include Ms. Marvel, Thor, Princess Leia, Spider Gwen, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, She-Hulk, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Silk, and Spider Woman.

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3 New Manga from Seven Seas this year

Seven Seas Entertainment has announced three new manga series, the slice of life romantic series Orange by Ichigo Takano, the gender-bending virtual world saga Not Lives by Wataru Karasuma, and the “monster girl” manga Franken Fran by Katsuhisu Kigitsu.  Orange and Franken Fran will be released in double-sized omnibus editions with color inserts and a cover price of $19.99, while Not Lives will be released in single volumes (with color inserts) for $12.99 each.

Orange will be the first of the new series to appear with the first double-size volume set for release in January of 2016.  This romantic time-travel slice of life saga stars when its 16-year-old female protagonist receives a letter from her 27-year-old-self, which appears to offer a chance for a “do-over. This manga, the first volume of which sold over 1.5 million copies in Japan, was published online by Crunchyroll.

Franken Fran

Next up in February of 2016 is Franken Fran, a heavily-requested “girl monster” series that takes place in rural Japan where a surgeon with Frankenstein-like skills has created a daughter.  When he goes missing, it’s the daughter (Franken Fran) who takes over the surgery and proves to be a surprisingly effective and compassionate doctor.

Not Lives

The third series Not Lives will debut in March of 2016.  Not Lives follows the adventures of a hapless teenage boy who is totally obsessed with video games.  When he starts to play a strange game that appears among his own research material, he is mysteriously thrust into the game’s virtual world and changed into his female avatar in a gender-bending twist on the “imprisoned in a virtual world” genre.


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