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The Quick Flip #2

What?? Onslaught fetchlands are being reprinted in Khans of Tarkir?? WOW!!!! I like most players was very excited to see this reprint. We all knew it was coming but so quickly and in standard was a surprise to say the least. The new artwork was also a surprise, which brings me to this weeks topic.

Does new artwork on staple cards help the older version to retain their value?

We are 6 months plus from the release of Khans and the Onslaught fetch lands are currently:

Card:                             Current Value                                                All-Time High

Polluted Delta                   $38                                                                  $105

Bloodstained Mire          $23                                                                  $53

Wooded Foothills            $25                                                                  $48

Windswept Heath           $27                                                                  $49

Flooded Strand                  $35                                                                  $80

All these plummeted after the reprint announcement, and were actually falling before as players were well aware a reprint was coming. Now 6 months later prices are starting to move back upwards on the Onslaught fetches. The increase may be small but the cards are trending up which is a good sign for those who held onto these cards. Will they ever reach their previous price highs is unknown but im onboard for the ride.

Is the new artwork a help to the rise? I think so. The ability to set the two apart by the visual appeal is key to why players would choose one over the other. Most players who have been in the game for awhile would in my opinion be showing their longevity in the game by flashing the Onslaught fetches,

as I would!

Foils of course are a different story, Onslaught foil fetches are at a very high prices and will only go higher in the future.

I guess the same could be said for the new art fetches from Khans, the foil versions of these reprints will at least climb in price and be some of the most sought after cards from said release. When I talked to players after the set was spoiled most financially knowledgable players mentioned the foil fetches as their acquisition targets for this set!

So grabbing Khans foil fetches may be a smart grab currently as they seem to be a surefire profit machine in the future. Playable in all formats currently makes these cards very attractive!!

Next week onto the Zendikar fetch reprint possibilty and some talk on their prices.

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