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Saturday Escalation League

Magic the Gathering

Starting October 5, 2019 to January 12, 2020 – Meets 12-4pm

  1. First week: $20 to enter league, players receive Planeswalker deck from Throne of Eldraine, M20 or of either Ravinca set in stock an a booster pack from a standard legal set. Build a 60-card deck and play
  2. Second week on until the end of the league: Players pay $5.00 or $10.00 dues and receive an additional booster pack from one (or 3 packs if they paid $10) of the sets to add to their card pool. Players may rebuild their decks as often as they would like.
  3. Mentoring is available, please ask for someone to help teach you more about our favorite game.
  4. Players play other league players and report matches to Tom or Judy during Saturdays from noon to 4.
  5. Please vote for the player that made your Escalation League day the most fun. That player will receive a treat!

Titanium Series

The Titanium Series offers two types of events, each of which has the potential to grab you a slot in the year-end Invitational.

Modern Titanium Challenges

Standard Titanium Challenges

Prize Support Schedule

16 Players or less
Winner:                     $200.00 + invitation
Finalist:                     $100.00
Top 4:                       $   50.00

33 to 64 Players
Winner:                     $500.00 + invitation
Finalist:                     $200.00
Top 4:                       $100.00
Top 8:                       $50.00

16 to 32 Players
Winner:                     $350.00 + invitation
Finalist:                     $150.00 + invitation
Top 4:                       $100.00
Top 8:                         $50.00

64 Players +
Winner:                  $600.00 + invitation
Finalist:                  $300.00 + invitation
Top 4:                    $150.00
Top 8:                    $75.00
Top 16:                    $50.00

Throne of Eldraine Pre-Release Weekend

Friday, Sept 27:

6:30 p.m. start time, $25.00 entry, 4 round event
Prizes: 4-0: 12 boosters, 3-0-1: 9 boosters, 3-1: 5 boosters
11:00 p.m. start time, $25.00 entry, 3 round event
Prizes: each round 1 booster to winner of each match
3:30 p.m. ALL Day LEAGUE: $25.00 entry play as many games as you want with the new set!

Saturday, Sept 28:

11:30 a.m. start time, $25.00 entry, 4 round event
Prizes: 4-0: 12 boosters, 3-0-1: 9 boosters, 3-1: 5 boosters
4:00 p.m. start time, $25.00 entry, 3 round event
Prizes: each round 1 booster to winner of each match
ALL Day LEAGUE: $25.00 entry play as many games as you want with the new set!

Sunday, Sept 29:

11:45 a.m. start time, 2 Headed Giant $25.00 entry per person, 3 round event
Prizes: 4 boosters per team placed in prize pool
4:00 p.m. start time, $25.00 entry, 3 round event
Prizes: each round 1 booster to winner of each match
ALL Day LEAGUE: $25.00 entry play as many games as you want with the new set!

Free Comic Book Day 2

August 30-31, 2019

Amazing sales on Comics and Graphic Novels. A selection of Free Comic Books to choose from. Surprises and More.

  • Comics and Graphic Novels: 40% off
  • Board Games: 25% off
  • Highland Mint Memoribilia: Up to 75% Off. (Patriots Superbowl up to 50%)
  • POP: Regular-3 for $21 Retired POP-Buy 1, get 1 at 50% off
  • Select Magic: The Gathering Decks up to 50% off
  • Select Magic Playmats: $7 or 2 for $10
  • Dark Confidant Playmat: $20
  • Dungeons & Dragons 20% Off
  • Games Workshop(excluding paint) 20% Off
  • Selected Plush: $5
  • Comic Toys/Action Figures(not POP) 50% Off
  • POP T-shirts: $7

Mythic Championship Qualifiers

Live the dream and qualify for the Mythic Championship in 1 Day.
Modern is the format at the DCU Center August 10th!

This event has a maximum player capacity of 226 players
as set by Wizards

EVERY PARTICIPANT will receive the exclusive Arcbound Ravager Promo!

Pre Registration is strongly encouraged

Registration now live! Pre-Register now >

On site Registration Opens 9:00 A.M.

Please have your deck list ready for the 10:00 A.M. player meeting.
Players who pre register online need to come to the player meeting. A list of pre registered players will be posted, No need to check in.

For more information please visit, email us at ( or call Tom Shea at (508)404-8245.

Finish: Prize:

1st: Invite to Mythic Championship VI (Richmond, VA) Invite, & $1000.00

2nd: $500.00

3rd/4th: $250.00

5th-8th: Box of Modern Horizons

9th-16th: Box M20

17th-32nd: 1/2 box M20

Dungeons & Dragons @ TJ Collectibles

Interested in a new campaign? Never played before but want to try?

You could be a part of a new adventuring party being put together for a bi-weekly game starting in late May/early June on Friday nights from 7-11.

Please leave your name and email contact information at the front desk to participate.

Maximum 6 players.

*This is not an Adventure League game. This is a non-evil, heroic game utilizing WotC printed rules only. 
Participants are expected to play as a team, in a mature fashion. All players welcome!

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Saturday Team Sealed 5/11 – cancelled

Sad to have to write this post. Our restock order was significantly reduced so that we will NOT be able to run this Saturday’s Team Sealed event. We will be announcing the full line up of Titanium Challenges for the next 6 months by Friday. Plans are to run a few standard events as well.


Tom Shea

Under Construction

As you may have noticed, there are some changes going on to the TJ’s website. Did you also know that there are some significant changes going on in the store as well?

We’re in the midst of a transformation that will delight our customers as we expand our space upstairs to house more of the games, miniatures, comics and collectibles that you have come to expect from our shop for more than 20 years!

Come on down and talk to Tom, or Paul, about what’s new, what you can expect in the future and what TJ’s is looking to deliver by the end of 2018! If you’re lucky, you might catch one of our new deals or even a glimpse of what the future holds.

Bear with us as we make some changes to bring you a friendlier, easier and more open experience than ever before.

June Titanium Series Wrap Up

By Zack Hall


June Titanium Series Wrap Up

May’s attendance wasn’t a fluke – the ball is rolling now! 72 players showed up at June’s Titanium Challenge – 2 players short of a record for these monthly events held at TJ Collectibles. Originally offering a prize pool of $1,000, this was quickly increased this as the Challenges kept growing and growing, currently still trending upward month after month, even as the beautiful summer months are upon us. Bolstered by a prizepool of $1,650 and room to increase further, it seems like players can’t get enough of the Modern tournament series brought into being 6 short months ago by Tom Shea and his hard working team.

Old decks resurgent and new decks created were at the forefront of the 2 Modern Grand Prixs the weekend before in Kobe and Copenhagen, but it didn’t seem to affect our local metagame much. Dredge and Counters Company were some of the best performing decks at the European and Asian Grand Prixs, but you wouldn’t know it if you were at TJs on Saturday. Grixis Shadow is considered the best deck in Modern by some and has been the most popular deck in our area over the past 3 months. This seems to be in line with the reality of the global Modern metagame. This being said, there were 0(!) Dredge decks in the room Saturday and only one copy the Counter Company deck. Whether players don’t have the cards to switch or are simply enjoying their own decks, this anomalous metagame is sure to be exploited by a savvy player.

After 7 rounds of Swiss competition, the field was narrowed to 8 players, with all players except one going 5-1-1 or better making Top 8.

The Top 8 players, finishes, and archetypes were:

1st Ray Karkman – Mono Red Pyro Prison

2nd Nick Starr – Jeskai Geist Aggro

3rd Nick Allain – Abzan Aggro

4th Adam Snook – Sultai Delirium

5th Ian Carle – Grixis Shadow

6th Deven Dupuis – Merfolk

7th Michael Decoste – Grixis Shadow

8th Ben Cohen – Bant Eldrazi

You can find the Top 8 decklists from the event when they’re approved by and on our website

Condolences and honorable mentions to Rafi Abrahams and his BW Eldrazi deck, who defeated previous finalist Tim Connelly on camera here.