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Funko POP

We carry a variety of Funko POP figures from many popular franchises. Funko POP are Vinyl figures modeled in an extreme super deformed style (similar to Japanese chibi style), from franchises including Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter and other pop culture entities. We’re always getting new POP figures in their ever expanding line. There truly is a POP figure for everyone!

Amonkhet Is Coming!

TJ Collectibles is host an Open House April 15th for Amonkhet

Saturday, April 15th
12 pm

This is an introduction event the Saturday before the Amonkhet Prerelease. This event is to encourage casual fun for new players and old with easy, league-style Standard play.

On Saturday, April 15, we’re inviting players of all levels to come together to play some Standard and teach new players how to play Magic. We’ll be saying farewell to Aether Revolt, and looking ahead to the next exciting release—Amonkhet.

We’ll be introducing new players to the game and welcoming them into our Magic community with learn-to-play sessions and handing out Welcome Decks. We are inviting veteran players to join the fun by bringing a friend or helping to teach new players.

The day will culminate with a casual Standard event that we’re encouraging new players to test their new decks and meet the community. Players who bring a friend will be rewarded with a promo card!

TJ Collectibles is running 6 prereleases for Amonkhet!

We have a 3-round Midnight Madness on Saturday, April 22nd, followed by 4-round prereleases at 10 AM, 2:30 PM, and a 3-round prerelease at 7 PM.

On Sunday, April 23rd, doors open at 10:30 am and we have a 4-round prerelease at 11 AM, followed by a 3-round prerelease at 3:30 PM.

Everyone who enters will receive a free draft for each prerelease they play in.

The free draft can be used at our Draft Party!

Everyone who plays can preorder a box for $88.95 + tax!

The Draft Party will happen Friday, April 28th from 4-7 PM, Saturday, April 29th from noon-5 PM, and Wednesday, May 3rd at 7 PM.

Three round prerelease prizes
Record Prize packs
3-0 5 packs
2-0-1 3 packs
2-1 2 packs
1 or 0 wins 1 pack
Four round prerelease prizes
Record Packs
4-0 12 packs
3-0-1 8 packs
3-1 5 packs

Titanium Plus weekend coming to the DCU Center March 4/5, Join us at this Magic Party!

All Players in the Saturday Titanium Main event will receive this play mat. We are also having a drawing for an Archbound Ravanger from the pool of players who pre register. for all details on this weekend.

Pre register here:

What is the Plus you ask? Plus means it is a weekend full of Magic. We will have a Modern Rebound event on Saturday as well as $10.00 WACKY Drafts, $15.00 Win a Box Events. We will have our Prize Wall set up. Commander events along with regular Aether Revolt/Kaladesh booster drafts.

Sunday there are 2 events a Legacy and a Modern Second Chance event. Along with all the side events. Yes $10.00 booster drafts, Commander plus all the On demand events. Each time we get 8 people we launch that event.

Don’t forget to bring your extra cards as we have 4 quality vendors on site. Gameing Etc, Moose Loot, Flip Side and TJ Collectibles will be buying and selling.

This is a weekend not to be missed at the DCU Center.

See you there


TJ Collectibles is happy to announce February’s Titanium Event!


TJ Collectibles is happy to announce February’s Titanium Event. This event will feature $1,000 in cash prizes along with an invitation to compete in our TJ Collectibles Titanium Finals.

Event Info:

Event Fee- $30

Format- Modern

Date – Saturday, February 18th

Start Time- 11AM Registration Opens at 10AM

Location- TJ Collectibles 160 Main St Milford MA


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LCQ and RPTQ modern weekend!


Come play one of the most exciting formats in Magic on Saturday and try to win a last chance qualification for Sundays Regional Pro Tour Qualifier!

LCQ Details (Saturday):

Format: Modern

Event Registration will begin at 10am with the players meeting beginning promptly at 11.

Event Fee $25

TJ Collectibles Titanium Series


TJ Collectibles is happy to announce January’s Titanium Event. This event will feature $1,000 in cash prizes along with an invitation to compete in our TJ Collectibles Titanium Finals.

Event Info:

Event Fee- $30

Format- Modern

Start Time- 11AM Registration Opens at 10AM

Location- TJ Collectibles 160 Main St Milford MA


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FNM Changes Oct 2016

TJ Collectibles is now hosting Draft FNMs in place of our Standard FNMs!

The drafts will start at 7:30 and will cost $12. They are going to be 3 rounds of Swiss.

Prizes are by pod:
1st – 5 packs
2nd – 3 packs
3rd/4th – 2 packs

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TJ Collectibles will not be at PAX East

For the first time since PAX East came to Boston, TJ Collectibles is not running the events there. We put in a proposal to PAX to run the events this year. Our proposal included space for 300 players, a prize wall, a registration area and our retail booth. This would allow us to support the players at the events with a wide selection of Magic related merchandise. Today my friend Tim Shields contacted me to discuss his being selected to run this year’s Magic events. We are still friends and it is disappointing that PAX did not contact us to discuss our proposal before there official selection was made. We hope everyone will be satisfied with his or her PAX Magic experience.

If you are not going to PAX East, please join us at TJ Collectibles as we will be hosting a Magic event Saturday and Sunday that hasn’t been announced yet so we can’t disclose what it is. The format Saturday is Standard, the main format Sunday will be modern.

Tom Shea
TJ Collectibles