Friday Night Magic

We host two Friday Night Magic events every week at TJs!


7 PM start time
$10 entry
Prizes are in the table below.


7:30 start time
$5 entry
4 round Swiss

Prizes for Standard:
1st: 3 booster packs and a FNM promo
2nd: 2 booster packs and a FNM promo
3rd and 4th: 1 booster pack
2 random players receive a FNM promo

Additional prizes for Standard:
12 match points: 10 booster packs
10 match points: 6 booster packs
9 match points: 3 booster packs

Modern FNM Prizes

Rounds4 + top 45 + top 85 + top 8
1st Place243636
2nd Place121818
3rd/4th Place999
5th-8th Place36

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