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Is Marvel Relaunching or Rebooting their Line in September?

Marvel May 2015 solicitations

Some clarification: Relaunch means continuing on with the same characters/story but with a new jumping on point. Reboot means starting completely fresh. There’s been much speculation about weather or not Marvel Comics will reboot it’s entire line after Secret Wars in September. Marvel has denied this multiple times, stating that the past continuity still happened and is important. They also openly criticized DC when they rebooted their entire universe in 2011.  While it caused some contention with some fans the New 52 was a huge hit for DC which gave it a much needed sales boost. As much as Marvel wants to pretend it didn’t influence them it clearly did. Only a year later Marvel started relaunching all it’s titles under the banner “Marvel Now” and then it became an almost annual event “All-New Marvel Now” and “Avengers Now” soon followed. Secret Wars could bring the same but rather than just continuing the same story with a new #1, they could actually reboot the entire book. While Marvel has said this won’t happen, G. Willow Wilson, writer of the popular Ms. Marvel recently said this on Twitter


“@rpricecomicart Last before the big Marvel U event starting this month. Then every Marvel title gets rebooted in the fall.

— G. Willow Wilson (@GWillowWilson) May 11, 2015

Which was then quickly changed to “jumping on point”

Creator snafu, or company mandate?

After all if they call it a reboot it’s not only going to upset long time fans, but ultimately reveal the endgame of Secret Wars.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. If they do reboot it could be even bigger than the DC New 52.


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