Mythic Championship Qualifiers

Live the dream and qualify for the Mythic Championship in 1 Day.
Modern is the format at the DCU Center August 10th!

This event has a maximum player capacity of 226 players
as set by Wizards

EVERY PARTICIPANT will receive the exclusive Arcbound Ravager Promo!

Pre Registration is strongly encouraged

Registration now live! Pre-Register now >

On site Registration Opens 9:00 A.M.

Please have your deck list ready for the 10:00 A.M. player meeting.
Players who pre register online need to come to the player meeting. A list of pre registered players will be posted, No need to check in.

For more information please visit, email us at ( or call Tom Shea at (508)404-8245.

Finish: Prize:

1st: Invite to Mythic Championship VI (Richmond, VA) Invite, & $1000.00

2nd: $500.00

3rd/4th: $250.00

5th-8th: Box of Modern Horizons

9th-16th: Box M20

17th-32nd: 1/2 box M20

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