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Titanium Challenge: Modern

Modern Events

Registration 10:15 a.m.
Player meeting 11:00 a.m.
Preregistration Recommended
Maximum capacity is 48
Upstairs with Air Conditioning

Sunday, Aug. 25th – Pre-register here: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=vx8l5vsab&oeidk=a07egcqk86m1912710d

For Preregistration links go to TJ Collectibles.com
For more information call Tom at: 508-404-8245

Prize Support Schedule:

24 Players or less
Winner: $300.00 + invitation
Finalist: $150.00
Top 4: $ 75.00

24 to 40 Players
Winner: $400.00 + invitation
Finalist: $200.00
Top 4: $100.00
Top 8: $50.00

41 to 64 Players
Winner: $500.00 + invitation
Finalist: $300.00 + invitation
Top 4: $100.00
Top 8: $50.00

64 Players +
Winner: $600.00 + invitation
Finalist: $400.00 + invitation
Top 4: $150.00
Top 8: $75.00
Top 16: $50.00

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GP Providence Father’s Day Special

Hello everyone! We have been working on the new TJ Collectibles web site for what seems to be forever and it still isn’t finished yet. I am told that one never REALLY finishes developing their web site that it is an ever-developing entity. In the meantime please know that we ARE working on it to keep improving it. Your feedback is appreciated. Please drop me a line and share your thoughts about this site.
We do hope to see everyone at Grand Prix Providence next weekend. We have done some interesting things with this event. Our side event schedule is huge. Our Prize Wall has been expanded both in size and scope. The REAL key to getting the Prize Wall to work seems to be how to modulate prize costs to event prize payouts. We are trying prizing on record. This approach seems to give everyone the most efficient fun events as it eliminates the negative effects of tiebreakers and long events.

Father’s day special! Father’s who enter the Double Trouble teaming with a family member play for FREE! Double Trouble is a 2 hg sealed deck starting at 2:30. We felt that this was the perfect time for Dad to get away and sling some cards!

The prizes on the prize wall are varied. We have 48 DIFFERENT booster packs going back to Alliances. We have sets, uncut sheets, lithographs, life counters, When is the last time you went to a Magic event and won packs of Alliances? Would you like to play for an uncut sheet or a foil Tarmagoyf from MM 2013? Would you prefer playing for a Commander’s Arsenal? Would you rather play for a Dark Confidant or Double Akroma play mat? At Grand Prix Providence all side events are playing for those prizes while supplies last. We have ONLY 1 foil Tarmagoyf.. This is the best idea since sleeves, which by the way are also on the prize wall.

We have 4 great artists on site as well. RK Post, Scott Fischer, Eric Deschamps, and Christopher Rush will be on hand to sign your cards additional services will be available as well. Everyone loves hanging out with the artists. There are 14 quality vendors on site to meet your Magic Card needs. Quark Tees will be on site selling their cool shirts. There is something for the gamer in your life. These vendors are the ONLY people authorized to transact business at the Grand Prix.

The Rhode Island Convention Center is a beautiful venue. We are in event halls A, B,and C. The doors open at 11:00 am Friday, and 8:00 am Saturday and Sunday. The convention center will have concessions open during the event. We appreciate your supporting all of our vendors. This weekend is all about having fun. Please stop by and say hello.
See you there!


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New From the Vault: Angels coming August 21st



Wizards of the Coast will release a new From the Vaults limited set for its Magic: The Gathering CCG on August 21.  From the Vaults: Angels will be available exclusively to WPN retailer stores, Core level and above.

The box contains 15 Magic: The Gathering foil cards featuring formidable winged warriors, including five with new art, as well as an exclusive life counter and a collector’s guide.  The cards are printed using a foil process that is unique to the From the Vaults series.  The cards are all black bordered and tournament legal (if the cards’ original printings are still legal for tournament play in the respective game formats).  MSRP is $34.99.

Like last year’s From The Vaults: Annihilation set, WotC offers WPN stores product relative to their organized play level, a system shift introduced with the addition of the Advance Plus tier last year

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