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The Quick Flip-an MTG Blog

By  David  “Flip” Defilippo

It seems like perfect timing that my first blog coincides with the release of Modern Masters
2015. Lets quickly jump back a few years to 2013. I like most was very excited about the initial release of Modern Masters, being more into the financial aspect of magic than a player at this point.

I enjoyed the fact that cards would be reprinted and I would have the opportunity to acquire some staples for my collection. All in all I was happy with the release and what I was able to acquire.
Prices surged up to the surprise of many and all seemed good. Wizards seemed to be fully invested and proactive with furthering the Modern format, and investing and speculating on Modern cards seemed like a surefire way to cash in. I like most people grabbed what I could for the format at shows and other instore events. A year of price increases and the random reprint made Modern a hot format.

Then came the news of Modern Master 2 or Modern Masters 2015 whichever you prefer. I was annoyed to say the least. I’m strictly looking at this from a financial investors point of view, Modern being reprinted every other year or at will would take the gas away from fire. I understand the concept of increasing the number of cards out there and therefore adding more players to the format. I just think the wind was taken out of the sails of Modern finance and speculation. At this point knowing what to invest in and when to sell off is a little trickier,

Modern Masters 2015 has been completely spoiled at this point, so I was looking for the opportunities to invest in some cards. Serum Visions immediately stood out as a card to grab up………..Oh wait FNM promo reprint, next! Goblin Guide?, wait how could this not be reprinted? This is as staple as staple gets in Modern. Horizon Canopy?, this sees Legacy play also. Inkmoth Nexus?, Bloodghast?, Phyrexian Obliterator?

All these seem like solid pick-ups after the spoiler was out and cards I actively picked up for the store.
There’s many more cards out there with the same potential, these were the first I actively pursued.

My specs/pick-ups as of 5/15/2015

Goblin Guide- Im sure a reprint will find it’s way out there in the near future but if you acted quick enough I feel like there’s some coin to be made here. I can’t see this being in a standard release set, but possibly a Duel Deck type or even a new creation of Wizards. Flashback Deck?? Anything’s possible.

Horizon Canopy- This is my #1 spec/pick-up currently. This as well as any from the Shadowmoor/Eventide cycle of rare lands. They all look like inviting targets for acquisition.
How long these can starve off a reprint is anyone’s guess, but they see play and a few are currently at a low enough price that jumping onboard seems like a smart move.

Bloodghast/Phyrexian Obliterator- Both of these cards seem like they’re just much to powerful to be introduced back into standard. Sultai seems pretty over the top with Bloodghast!!

Inmoth Nexus- Really surprising to see this not included in the set, but an event deck for Modern featuring infect could be right around the corner. This would fill some of the Modern holes for that archtype. I’m not sure how actively I would pursue this card but if there’s an opportunity take it.

A few other cards for thought Azusa, Lost but Seeking seems a bit high to be a adequete spec target without a larger cash investment. As long as the chance of reprint hangs in the air I probably stay away from this card. Amulet of Vigor is a card I’d grab while I can. Around $8 and some change right now.
Thanks for reading this blog and I hope you’ll stop by again or consider sending some feedback.

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